Friday, September 17, 2010

Get motivated! The best ideas to get you through fall with ease!

This holiday season at AB HOME is turning out to be one of THE best! We have all kinds of great articles chalked full of tips, tricks and time saving suggestions to get you through this season with ease! 
First off, coming Friday, October 1 seven designers including myself will be going live with: 

Designers Challenge 101
Top tips for decorating like a pro!

After my post How to design a room on a budget and 5 Super simple things to update your dining room my inbox was flooded with inquiries from my faithful readers wanting more! 
I wanted to do something big but wasn't sure what to do that would be helpful. I started talking with Kathy from Creative home expressions and we started swapping emails about a budget friendly post chalked full of ideas, with a strict budget in mind.Well two of us on this challenge just wasn't enough! So I called on all my designer friends and basically gave them an ultimatum: Put together a fabulous room on a budget and tell our readers how you did it, or we aren't friends anymore! Well it didn't really go down in that fashion, but VERY close. Ok, not really, the truth is I am a drama Queen, there was no ultimatum because everyone loves and adores me and would do anything for me so they of course said yes! 
Who could say no to MOI! 

So who is participating in this fabulous, magnificent post?
 Below is a list of all the designers participating: 

Traci Zellar of Traci Zeller Designs
Kelly Berg of Arte Styling
Kelly James of Design Ties
Dayka Robinson of Meditations on Life and style 
Kathy Passarette of Creative home expressions 
Amanda Burdge of
Susan Snow of  Movingdesinz

Ok great, so what does this mean for you? Can I just say awesomeness all around! All seven of us are decorating the same family room with a six thousand dollar budget in mind. The idea is to see how the pros take a few thousand dollars and make a room look fabulous, when done right! We will be showing pictures, products used and much more! And I may be a little biased, but AB HOME'S room is fabulosity in big proportions! Can't wait to show you!

I will also be participating in Housewife Bliss':

Holiday Workshop 
Mrs bliss and friends

I am honored and excited about participating in this series. Coryanne's goal with this series:

"The Holiday Workshop is a collective effort by some of my favourite sites.  Together we will be tackling some of the tricky subjects that face every woman in the run up to the Holiday Season….household management, decorating, cooking, drinking, social graces, creating, gift giving, entertaining and fashion."
The series will run each Thursday in October and will touch on various holiday events from October to December. The fabulous sites who are participating:

AB Home Interiors (thats me!)

Did I mention I am very excited about this series? I will be offering great ideas on effortless decorating, colors to update your holidays, great floral tips, and the finale post will BLOW YOU AWAY!! 
Our finale post will offer some of the best ideas for the holidays, from some of the top people in the industry, on festive table scaping and the art of doing it right, without all the work! Love that!

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