Monday, October 4, 2010

October the best month ever,... I hope!

Ok so I finally bit the bullet and I am moving to wordpress. HOLY C-rap! As I told Katie, the beloved, patient and endearing Katie of Lemoncherry blogs

"I am having a bit of separation anxiety. I love my little blogspot blog. I feel like I am graduating highschool and being kicked out of the house. I think I will have you take it live after this weekend when I have had a chance to spend more time on it."..........And MOURN the death of my childhood!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I am being a bit dramatic, yes, yes I know this. But this blog has grown tremendously over the past year and a half and done so many great things for me, and like any good friend I am abandoning it now that I have outgrown them and hit it big.

GAAA! Ok so I am growing up, moving out, and as I collect my last few things here at my old blog be sure to visit me at my new home. To get me through these next few weeks I will need my friends support to help me get through this ridiculous apprehension. Then again there is always Vodka......Ah.. my beloved and dearest friend who keeps me warm and soothes my anxiety as I approach a nervous breakdown. 

My new home is not quite together yet. I am still building, repainting, and don't mind the boxes thrown everywhere as I unpack. But feel free to visit me and swing by to say hello. I have plenty of booze to go around, and I have stocked up on red plastic sippy cups from costco for everyone to enjoy a glass.

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